Galaxies 8
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NGC 3953 Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major

Camera - SXV-H9

Telescope - Intes Micro MK 809 8"  Mak Cass @ f/7.5 with AP 0.67 focal reducer, EFL = 1530mm

Mount - MI-250

LRGB,  L= 20x300s, R=10x180s, G=10x180s, B=9x306s,  all exposures guided with Tak Sky 90 and MX 716.  Lum binned 1X1,  RGB exposures binned 2X2.   Astronomik Type II RGB filters, Lum Sigma Clip combined in Maxim DL v4, RGB Sigma clip combined in Maxim DL v4,  LRGB combined and additional processing done in Photoshop CS.

Date - January 25, 2006