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NGC 7331 Spiral Galaxy in Pegasus

Camera - QHY 163M 

Telescope - Astro Tech 10" RC @ f/8  FL = 2003mm

Mount - MI-250

Off Axis Guided with Lodestar X2

LRGB, L=127x240s, R=49x240s, G=47x240s, B=34x240,  Gain 75, Offset  50, -20C. All exposures taken with CCDAutopilot V5.  All exposures biinned 1X1.  Astronomik Deep Sky RGB filters, Astronomik L-1 Luminance Filter.   LRGB Sigma clip combined in Maxim DL v6,  Additional processing done in Photoshop CC and Pixinxight 1.8.

LRGB 508/196/188/136

Total 17.13 Hours

Date LRGB - July 28, 2018, August 2, 3, 10, 2018